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My students and postdocs


Current Students (University of Arizona)

Sneha Balukrishnan, PhD

Fiona Gladstone, PhD

Christina Greene, PhD

Megan Mills Nova, PhD

Gigi Owen, PhD.

Committee member for Niki von Hedermann, Laurel Bellante, Sonya Ziaja, Sarah Kelly Richards, Bhuwan Thapa, Arica Crootof

Postdocs: Chris Knudson, Valente Soto

So proud of everyone below ! What a lovely bunch of people – selected photos!

Graduate Students supervised

Former Students:


Laura Pulido. M.A. 1987. Geography. University of Wisconsin. “Farmworkers perceptions of pesticide hazards in Kern county, California.” (Professor of American Studies, University of Southern California)

Altha Cravey. M.A. 1988. Geography. University of Wisconsin. “Social indicators in Mexico.” (Associate Professor of Geography, University of North Carolina)

Rebecca Johns. MS. 1988. Geography, University of Wisconsin, Office automation and the temporary female worker (Associate Professor of Geography, University of South Florida)

Lauren Johnson. MS 1989. Land Resources, University of Wisconsin. Drought and Wisconsin Agriculture.

Karen O’ Brien. MSc. 1989. University of Wisconsin. Environmental Studies. “The possible impacts of global warming in Mexico.” (went on to PhD see below)

Mary Jackson. MS. 1990. Land Resources, University of Wisconsin. Inside the Fenceline: The differences between alternative and conventional farms.

Ed Arabas. MS 1993. Geography. The Pennsylvania State University. “Land Use Change in Mexico.” (Planner, State of Washington)

Chris Rosin. MS. 1993. Geography. The Pennsylvania State University. “Agricultural transitions in Costa Rica.” (Deputy Director, Centre for Sustainability, U Otago)

Graeme Burt. MA 1996. Geography. The Pennsylvania State University. “Land use change in Alamos, Sonora.” (planningAlliance, Canada)

Janice Rosenberg. MA 1997. Latin American Studies. University of Arizona. “Environmental Education amongst the Seri of Sonora” (Teacher, Boston)

Katrin Neubeuer. MA 1997. Latin American Studies. University of Arizona. “Driving forces for tropical deforestation in Mexico: Ejido and land use changes in Marques de Comillas, Chiapas, Mexico.” (NGO, Germany)

Megan Bartlett. MA 1998. Latin American Studies. University of Arizona (NGO, Minneapolis)

Joanna Tucker. MA 1998. Latin American Studies. University of Arizona (postdoc Univ Florida)

Ane Schjolden. MA 1999. Geography and Regional Development. University of Arizona (Beth Mitchnek, co-supervisor). “Globalization, Liberalization and Restructuring of the Brazilian telecommunications industry: the end of technological capability.” (Norway, Forum for Environment and Development)

Hallie Eakin. MA 1998. University of Arizona. Geography and Regional Development. “Adaptation to climatic variability in Tlaxcala, Mexico: constraints and opportunities for small-scale maize producers” (went on to PhD see below)

Lucy Stanfield. MA 1999. University of Arizona, Geography and Regional Development. (EPA, Chicago)

Kimi Eisele. MA 1999. University of Arizona. Geography and Regional Development. “Landscapes of Solidarity: The children of Colonia Solidaridad, Nogales, Sonora.”(writer, Tucson).

Laura Paulson. MA 1999. Latin American Studies. University of Arizona. “Globalization and survival of the smallholder: the role of agricultural restructuring in land use change in Michoacan, Mexico.” (Nature Conservancy, Mexico)

Annika Hipple. MA 2000. Latin American Studies, University of Arizona. “Environment and the media in Mexico” (writer, Vermont)

Erika Trigoso. MA 2002. University of Arizona, Department of Geography and Regional Development. “ Vulnerability and response to El Niño in Piura, Peru” (went on to PhD, see below).

Jeanine Valcour, MA 2003. University of Arizona, Latin American Studies. “Climate change vulnerability in Belize.” (NGO, Boston)

Karen Suasanna, MSc 2004. Oxford. Social movements and recycling in Sao Paulo, Brasil. (Programme Officer, Oak Foundation)

Ghinwa Chammas, MSc 2004. Oxford, Education for Life: The effect of Climate Change Education at School on People’s Perception of Climate Change (Sustainability consultant, Atkins inc.)

Carolina Fuentes, MSc 2004. Oxford. CDM in Mexico. (Mexico, Energy Ministry)

Katherine Meehan, MSc 2005. Oxford. Streamlining the state? Power, decentralisation, and water at work in Guatemala. (Assistant Professor, Oregon)

Anthony Knox, MSc 2005, Oxford. An economic valuation of the Loreto Bay National Park. (Vice President, Standard Bank, Johannesburg)

Heidi Hausermann, MSc 2005. Arizona. The Coffee Crisis and Land Use change in Veracruz. (Assistant Professor, Rutgers)

Blanca Raymundo Garcia. Msc 2006. Oxford. The potential for Clean Development Mechanism projects in the Mexican industrial sector: a case study of the cement industry. (Consultant, Mexico)

Sapna Thottathil. MSc 2006. Oxford. Fairtrade’s Carbon Emissions: What’s Its Share, and Do People Care? (PhD student, Geography, UC Berkeley)

Johannes Ebeling. Msc 2006. Oxford. Tropical deforestation and climate change – Ways towards an international mitigation strategy. (Investment Director, Biocarbon Group, Berlin)

Hanoch Ilsar MSc 2008. Oxford. Voluntary Caron Offsetting: Friend or Foe? What Role Do Businesses Assign to Voluntary Carbon Offsetting as Part of Their Climate Change Agenda? (An exploration into UK-based companies) (Manager, Israel Union for Ecology and Environmental Sciences)

Jonathan Gaventa. Msc 2008. Oxford. The politics of counting carbon: A London case study. (E3G, London)

Simon Billet. MS 2009. Oxford. CDM and Wind Power in Oaxaca, Mexico. (UK Foreign Office, New York)

Kaarina Kolle. MS 2011. Oxford. Paving the Way to Preparedness the multi-level climate change adaptation governance in Trinidad and Tobago (WWF European Policy Office, Belgium)

Laura Canevari. MS 2012. Oxford. Participatory GIS for vulnerability assessment, Grenada (Acclimatize)

Miriam Gay-Antaki, MA 2013. Univ Arizona. A Feminist Political Ecology of Carbon Markets in Oaxaca, Mexico (went on to PhD, see below)

Noah Silber Coats MA 2015 Private Hydropower and the Politics of Nature in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Oriental (cosupervised with Carl Bauer). Now PhD student UA.

Michelle Coe, MSc 2015. School Gardens as Science


Maxx Dilley. PhD. 1993. Geography. The Pennsylvania State University. “Climate and agriculture in Oaxaca, Mexico.” (UNDP Team Leader for Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery)

Karen O’Brien. Ph.D. 1996. Geography. The Pennsylvania State University. “Deforestation and Climate Change in the Selva Lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico.” (Professor in Geography, University of Oslo, Norway)

Anke Wessels-Beyer. PhD 1995. Geography. The Pennsylvania State University “Social and Environmental Reconstruction in Eastern Germany.” (Program Director, Center for Religion, Ethics and Social Policy, Cornell University)

David Rain. Ph.D. 1997. Geography. The Pennsylvania State University. “Eaters of the Dry Season.” (Associate Professor, George Washington University)

Margaret Wilder. PhD 2002. University of Arizona, Department of Geography and Regional Development. “In name only: water policy, the state and ejidatario producers in Northern Mexico”. (Associate Professor of Geography and Latin American Studies, University of Arizona)

Hallie Eakin. PhD 2002. University of Arizona, Department of Geography and Regional Development. “Rural Households’ Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climatic Variability and Institutional Change: Three Cases from Central Mexico”. (Associate Professor of Sustainability, ASU)

Mrill Ingram, PhD 2004. University of Arizona, Department of Geography and Regional Development. “Experts in the field: the contributions of farmers and other lay experts to knowledge about soil in US agriculture” (Program Coordinator, College of Agriculture, University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Dereka Rushbrook, PhD 2005. Arizona. Carving a Niche: Artisans in a Global Economy. Commodity Chain Analysis of Rustic Pine Furniture in Mexico (Lecturer, University of Arizona)

Lydia Breunig. PhD 2006. Arizona. Conservation in Context: Establishing Natural Protected Areas During Mexico’s Neoliberal Reformation (American School, Kuwait)

Ben Champion. DPhil 2007. Oxford. Political economy of local foods in Eastern Kansas (Director of Sustainability, University of Arizona)

John Gates. DPhil 2007. Oxford. Groundwater recharge and paleohydrology of the Badain Jaran, north-western China. (cosupervised with Mike Edmunds) (Assistant Professor, Univ Nebraska Lincoln)

Adam Bumpus. PhD 2009. Oxford Carbon Development: a political ecology analysis of carbon offset projects for local development and global climate benefits (Senior Lecturer, Univ Melbourne)

John Cole. PhD 2009 Oxford Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): Foreign investment in sustainable infrastructure in developing countries CDM in Brazil. (Lawyer, Canada)

Antony Milner. PhD 2010. Oxford Managing climate risk in the developing world: Information and Insurance. (cosupervised with Richard Washington) (Senior Research Fellow, Grantham Research Institute, LSE)

Alex Noriega Guerra. PhD 2010. Oxford Weather-related disaster risk in mountain areas: The Guatemalan highlands at the start of the 21st Century. (Director, Climate Institute, Guatemala)

Natasha Kuruppu. PhD 2010. Oxford Climate Change and Variability in the Pacific Region: Piloting Adaptation Strategies to Facilitate Sustainable Development in the Water Sector of Kiribati. (Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS Sydney, Australia)

Bernado Peredo. PhD 2010. Oxford Biodiversity, local development and poverty alleviation in Bolivia in a market economy: Irreconcilable Differences or Windows of Opportunity? (Consultant, Bolivia)

Dave Stainforth. PhD 2010. Oxford Climate risk (second supervisor to Mark New). Senior Research Fellow LSE.

Katherine Wilkinson. PhD 2010. Oxford ‘God-made’ Heaven and Earth… ‘Man-made’ climate change: American evangelical discourses on global climate change (Consultant, Drawdown)

Alexandra Morel. PhD 2010. Oxford Palm oil and land use change in SE Asia (second supervisor to Yadvinder Mahli) Postdoc, Univ Oxford.

Ame Ramos Castillo. 2010. Oxford PhD. Water governance in San Cristobal, Mexico (UNU)

Joel Scriven. PhD. 2010. Oxford Carbon forestry on an Amazonian frontier: Barriers and Opportunities. (UN FAO-REDD)

Allen Shaw. 2010. PhD. Oxford Does a coherent energy plan exist for India? (secondary supervisor to Brenda Boardman)(2 degrees, Oxford)

Erika Trigoso. 2011. PhD. Oxford Vulnerability to drought and community adaptation in the Andean high-plateau. (Lecturer UC Denver)

Chris Ellerman. 2012. PhD. Oxford Cultural politics and political economy of climate policy in China (ADB, Asia)

Deborah Ley. 2012. PhD. Oxford Sustainable development, climate change and renewable energy in rural Central America (IADB)

Philip Mann. PhD. 2012. Oxford Energy planning in the developing world – synergies and trade-offs between increasing energy access for poverty reduction, energy security and climate goals. (lead supervisor, Brenda Boardman)(GTZ, Germany)

Arnoldo Matus Kramer. 2012. PhD. Oxford Adaptation to Climate Change in the Tourism Sector of the Rapidly Urbanizing Yucatan Caribbean Coast (Ithaca Environmental)

Dan Ferguson. 2015. PhD. Transdisciplinary climate research to support decision making. (co-supervised with Connie Woodhouse).  Now director of CLIMAS project, UA.

Miriam Gay-Antaki, 2017. PhD.  Feminist Geographies of Climate Change: From International Negotiations to Women in Mexico.  Lecturer at Colorado College.

Former postdoctoral research fellows

Tracey Osborne (assistant professor, Univ of Arizona)

Heike Schroeder (senior lecturer, UEA)

Max Boykoff (associate professor, University of Colorado)

Heather Lovell (Reader, University of Tasmania)

Maria Carmen Lemos (Professor, University of Michigan)

Marcela Vasquez (Professor, University of Arizona)


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