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Prospective students


Here is some information about studying with me and others at the University of Arizona

a. Doctoral students

At the University of Arizona I supervise doctoral students and sit on PhD committees through the School of Geography and Development (SGD) (http://geography.arizona.edu).  The University of Arizona is a good choice for those interested in political ecology, Latin America, water, climate impacts, adaptation and/or Latin America and border issues (with several geography faculty and many others across campus in those areas).

My current students include:

Sneha Balukrishnan – climate adaptation in Kerala, India

Miriam Gay-Antaki – gender and climate governance

Fiona Gladstone – food policy and food security in Oaxaca, Mexico

Christina Greene – discourses and vulnerabilities of the California drought

Megan Mills-Novoa – governing climate adaptation in Latin America

Gigi Owen – discourses of vulnerability in southern Arizona

b. Masters Students

I sit on a few Masters committees in Geography and Development.

c. Research topics

Although I may be willing to accept highly motivated students to work on certain research topics where they have a strong background most of my students work on issues that relate to my current research interests and projects.

These include:

– Climate policy and impacts in Mexico and Latin America

– Climate and development including climate adaptation

– Critical perspectives on climate governance

– Carbon offsets/CDM/REDD in Latin America

– Climate, poverty and environmental justice (southwest US and Mexico)

d. Other people to work with

There are lots of wonderful faculty at Arizona who are potential supervisors and committee members for students interested in climate, water, political ecology, Latin America or human-environment.  In SGD these include Jeff Banister, Carl Bauer, Liz Oglesby, Tracey Osborne, Chris Scott, Margaret Wilder and physical geographers Kevin Anchukaitis, Andrew Comrie, Greg Barron Gafford, Connie Woodhouse.  In the School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE) colleagues with human environment and climate interests include Jim Buizer, Gregg Garfin and Laura Lopez Hoffman.

e. Applications and funding

Information on applying to the graduate programs in the School of Geography and Development can be found here: http://geography.arizona.edu/node/555

Entry is very competitive (we only admit about 10-20% of applicants) and your application needs to show all round excellence.  In terms of funding most entering students are supported as teaching assistants (for undergraduate geography courses) or research assistants on various projects.  In both cases you are expected to work 20 hours a week, your tuition is covered and you earn about $8000 a semester (depending on your position).  Some students bring their own scholarships or apply for prestigious fellowships (e.g. NSF, SSRC) once they arrive.   The tuition for Arizona residents is about $6000 a year and for non resident (other US, international) is about $15000 a year – this is very reasonable compared to many other top US research universities who charge more than $15000 for residents and $30000 for non residents ($45000 at some of the private/Ivy League universities)


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