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Highlighted links are to free readable pdfs of books and reports. Other links are to booksellers or publishers.

  1. Marston, S., Knox, P., Liverman D., Del Casino, V. and Robbins, P. 2013. World Regions in Global Context. 5th edition. Prentice Hall. 459pp.  Previous editions. 2010. 2007, 2003, 1999.  This is textbook used widely in world regional and international studies introductory courses that provides overviews of 10 world regions and their geographies. It was the winner of the ‘Texty’ award from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association for best college textbook in social science and humanities 2005.
  2. Richardson, K, Steffen W. and Liverman D. eds. 2011. Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions. Cambridge University Press. 517pp.  The edited volume for the 2009 scientific conference that preceded the Copenhagen climate negotiations.
  3. Ingram, J., Ericksen, P. and Liverman D. eds. 2010. Food Security and Global Environmental Change. (this link downloads a pdf) Earthscan. 384pp.  A book summarizing the results of the international Global Environmental Change and Food Systems project.
  4. National Research Council. Liverman, D., Raven P. et al. 2010. Informing an Effective Response to Climate Change. National Academies Press, Washington DC. 300pp.  One of the four America’s Climate Choices study reports from the US National Academies. I also contributed to the summary report: Carnesale, A., & Chameides, W. (2011). America’s Climate Choices. NRC/NAS USA Committee on America’s Climate Choices.
  5. Castree, N. Demeritt D., Liverman D. and Rhoads B. eds. 2009. A Companion to Environmental Geography. Wiley Blackwell. 588pp.  An edited volume which includes chapters by major scholars in environmental geography on different topics.
  6. Liverman, D.M., R. Varady, O. Chávez, and R. Sánchez. 2002. Temas ambientales a lo largo de la frontera enter Estados Unidos y México: impulsores de cambio y repuestas de ciudadanos e instituciones. Mexico: El Colegio de México, Centro de Estudios Demográficso y de Desarrollo Urbano. Serie Cuadernos de Trabajo. 87 pp.  The Spanish version of a review on ‘Environmental themes on the US-Mexico border: drivers of change and responses from citizens and institutions’.  The English version was published by Annual Reviews and can be found under my journal publications.
  7. Liverman, D.M., E. Moran, R. Rindfuss and P. Stern eds. 1998. People and Pixels: Linking Remote Sensing and Social Science. Committee on the Human Dimensions of Global Change. National Academy Press: Washington,DC. 244pp.  This edited book, commissioned by NASA is one of the first to show how remote sensing can help solve societal problems and has been cited about 300 times)



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