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Selected popular articles and chapters (based on google scholar citations)

Biermann, F., K. Abbott, et al. 2012. Navigating the Anthropocene: Improving Earth System Governance.” Science 335(6074): 1306-1307.

New, M, Liverman D., Schroeder H. and Anderson K. 2011. Four degrees and beyond: the potential for a global temperature increase of four degrees and its  implications.  Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A January 13, 2011 369:6-19

Lovell H and Liverman D. 2010. Understanding carbon offset technologies. New Political Economy. 15(2):255-273

Frank Biermann, Michele M Betsill, Susana Camargo Vieira, Joyeeta Gupta, Norichika Kanie, Louis Lebel, Diana Liverman, Heike Schroeder, Bernd Siebenhuner, Pius Z Yanda, Ruben Zondervan, 2010. Navigating the anthropocene: the Earth System Governance Project strategy paper, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 2(3):202-208.

Johan Rockström, Will Steffen, Kevin Noone, Åsa Persson, F. Stuart Chapin, Eric F. Lambin, Timothy M. Lenton, Marten Scheffer, Carl Folke, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Björn Nykvist, Cynthia A. de Wit, Terry Hughes, Sander van der Leeuw, Henning Rodhe, Sverker Sörlin, Peter K. Snyder, Robert Costanza, Uno Svedin, Malin Falkenmark, Louise Karlberg. Robert W. Corell. Victoria J. Fabry, James Hansen, Brian Walker, Diana Liverman, Katherine Richardson, Paul Crutzen & Jonathan A. Foley. 2009. Planetary Boundaries: A safe operating space for humanity. Nature 461, 472-475 (24 September 2009)

Rockström, J., W. Steffen, K. Noone, Å. Persson, F. S. Chapin, III, E. Lambin, T. M. Lenton, M. Scheffer, C. Folke, H. Schellnhuber, B. Nykvist, C. A. De Wit, T. Hughes, S. van der Leeuw, H. Rodhe, S. Sörlin, P. K. Snyder, R. Costanza, U. Svedin, M. Falkenmark, L. Karlberg, R. W. Corell, V. J. Fabry, J. Hansen, B. Walker, D. Liverman, K. Richardson, P. Crutzen, and J. Foley. 2009. Planetary boundaries:exploring the safe operating space for humanity. Ecology and Society 14(2): 32. [online] URL: http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol14/iss2/art32/

Lovell H., Bulkeley H. and Liverman D. M. 2009. Carbon offsetting: Sustaining Consumption Environment and Planning A 41(10): 2357-2379

Boyd, Emily; Nate Hultman, J. Timmons Roberts, Esteve Corbera, John Cole, Alex Bozmoski, Johannes Ebeling, Robert Tippman, Philip Mann, Katrina Brown, Diana M. Liverman.Reforming the CDM for sustainable development: lessons learned and policy futures. Environmental Science and Policy. Available online 6 October 2009

Liverman, D.M. 2009. Conventions of Climate Change: Constructions of danger and the dispossession of the atmosphere. Journal of Historical Geography. 35(2):279-295

Bumpus A.G. and Liverman D.M. 2008. Accumulation by decarbonisation and the governance of carbon offsets. Economic Geography 84(2): 127-155.

Liverman D.M. and Vilas S. 2006. Neoliberalism and the environment in Latin America. Annual Review of Environment and Resources. 31: 327-363.

Liverman, D.M. 2004. Who governs, at what scale and at what price? Geography, environmental governance and the commodification of nature. Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 94(4): 734-738.

Liverman, D.M. 2001. Vulnerability to drought and climate change in Mexico. pp 201-216 in Kasperson J.X. and Kasperson R. eds. 2001. Global Environmental Risk. NY: UNU and Earthscan.

Liverman, D.M., R. Varady, O. Chávez, and R. Sánchez, 1999.  Environmental issues along the U.S.-Mexico border – drivers of changes and the response of citizens and institutions. Annual Review of Energy and Environment. Vol. 24: 607-643.

Liverman D.M. 1999. Geography and the Global Environment. Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 89(1): 107-124.

Appendini K. and D.M. Liverman 1994. Agricultural policy and climate change in Mexico. Food Policy. 19(2): 149-164.

Liverman, D.M. 1990. Drought and Agriculture in Mexico: The case of Sonora and Puebla in 1970. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 80(1):49-72.

Liverman D.M. 1990. Vulnerability to Global Change. Pp 8-23 in R. Kasperson ed. Understanding Global Environmental Change: The Contributions of Risk Analysis and Management. Report on an International Workshop, Clark University, Earth Transformed Program: Worcester MA.

Liverman, D.M., M. Hanson, B. Brown and R. Merideth, 1988. Global Sustainability: Toward Measurement. Environmental Management 12:2, 133-143
Brown, B., M. Hanson, D. Liverman, R. Merideth, 1987. Global Sustainability: Toward Definition. Environmental Management 11:6, 713-719


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